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Interview with Dr. James

We’re fortunate to have so many clients that sing our praises even after their training is complete.

More Client Love

Ian is brilliant

"Ian is one of the most brilliant entrepreneurs and small business coaches that I know. He developed an innovative system that allowed me to rapidly hire over 300 people in less than 2 years, growing my company from 6 clinics to 61 clinics nationwide. This was done with a third of the usual staffing." -Rich Morgan- President of LightRx Face and Body

Highly Practical Solutions

"Ian is one of the sharpest minds I know. And, what I really appreciate is how he is able to quickly provide unusual, yet highly practical solutions that help overcome real barriers to achieving small business success." -Mark Maupin- Internet Marketing Specialist

Brings Life to Your Business

"I have been working Mr. Watts for some time now. Scripture tells me that good and bad is in the power of the tongue. Therefore, the advice I receive from any consultant could be good or bad for my business. If you're looking for life for your business then he is the consultant for you." -Carlos Johnson- Author, Coach, Consultant

Clear Path To Sales & Profitability

The training and personal coaching calls helped to quickly develop a scalable business model... I needed to re-engineer, monetize and develop an MVP that optimized my business model into a service that captured my years of experience and turned it into a cash cow.  His approach ... revealed a clear path to sales and profitability.

By taking a childlike approach to this amazing overhaul of my business, I did as much as I could to implement his solutions immediately.  As a result, I was able to turn down a major investment opportunity because I knew the value of my service and didn't like their terms. Following his coaching... I have a much better deal in the works that is worth millions for my business in the next 90 days. Prior to receiving his email, I prayed and asked God to teach me how to profit and He sent Ian Watts to do just that.”

-Alicia Jones- Founder of Harmony Point Information Technology Center

Eye opening experience

"Working with Ian has been such an eye opening experience. He has shown me how to focus on the exact steps to take in building the business I desire. Because of Ian's system I wake up everyday excited about what each day will bring." - Maurice Miller- Certified Financial Planner of Redwood Financial Network

Ian is one of the most creative business minds

"Ian is one of the most creative business minds in the City of Detroit and beyond. His passion for and work with small business owners will have a worldwide impact. He was truly created for this." -Christopher Brooks- Senior Pastor and Campus Dean

Interview with Canetha Porter

Client feedback fuels our passion to keep helping small businesses around the nation. 

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